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Christmas Eve @ The Fourhundred

By Shelby Murphy in Redemption Hill Church 11 months ago | 1543 views
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Christmas Eve is a time of anticipation. All of the advent season leads up to this eve. Join us Sunday night, December 24th, as we gather to celebrate, sing, read, and respond to the good news of Immanuel, God with us. After the service, stick around for a reception in the fellowship hall.

No childcare is provided, but that’s on purpose. This is a perfect service for families with children of all ages to sing and celebrate together.

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Discussion about this event

Rose Belue on 11/13/2017


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Patrick Hansen on 11/13/2017


Joy Wehunt on 11/13/2017

Barney & I plan to attend. 

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Teresa Kranz on 11/16/2017


Joy Wehunt on 11/16/2017

Barney & Joy Wehunt plan to attend the Christmas Eve service.

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Melissa Schofield on 11/16/2017


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Shelby Murphy on 12/20/2017

Hope you can make it out Sunday night! Be sure and RSVP and help spread the word. Click here to view the rhythm of the evening, including the songs we will be singing, and scriptures we will be reading together.

Mike Stuart on 12/20/2017

The Stuart’s will be there

Ginny Anderson on 12/21/2017

Donald & I will be there!

December 24
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
400 W. 32nd Street
VA 23225
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172 people
are coming
Leah Martinson (8)

Kristen Barnes (4)

Dani Mendonsa (6)

Abby Burns (6)

Ginny Anderson (2)

Emily White (FB) (5)

Mike Stuart (3)

Greg Meinweiser (2)

Bronwyn Cotten (1)

Andrew Walker (6)

Sarah Hastings (4)

Brian Goodman (4)

Kristin Struck (3)

Mimi Park (5)

Dave Crawford (3)

Danette Mauck (1)

Alyssa Jiménez (5)

John Mitchell (2)

Stephanie Daniel (1)

Stephen Read (7)

Tori Van Brunt (3)

Rachel Luginbuhl (1)

Paula Ponsiglione (5)

Rebekah Brown (4)

Garrett Cotten (4)

Biff Pusey (8)

Zac Russell (1)

chris leslie (4)

Lacey Fraser (3)

Tim Abbott (4)

Rebekah DeRoco (7)

Caitlin Moffitt (4)

Dana Barrow (7)

Eryn Cobb (1)

Heather Schmitz (2)

Erin Surber (6)

Keri Murphy (4)

David Replogle (2)

Kelley Johnson (3)

Hannah Miller (8)

Becky Rees (1)

Emily Lansing (1)

Tiffany Graves (3)

Kathleen Lansing (2)

Anne Trevvett (1)

Casey Eggleston (1)

Lindsay Fauver (3)

Shelby Murphy (1)

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