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Orphan Care Mini-Conference

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself from the world. - James 1:27

On Saturday, February 4th the Westham Community Group of Redemption Hill Church will be hosting a mini-conference on Orphan Care at The Fourhundred. Our hope is to help our church-wide community better understand foster care and adoption basics and encourage and equip the church body to do orphan care.  This event is designed for anyone who has ever thought about foster care, and/or adoption, or wants to know how the church can support families that are doing this. 

John Moore, founder of Home Forever and national speaker, will be our featured guest. We will then offer 3 breakout sessions, time for questions and some time to connect with others. Our breakout session are:

1. Foster Care: Where do I begin?
2. Adoption: International, Private, Waiting Kids, Foster Adopt
3. Support: Wrapping Around Adoptive & Foster Families

This event is free! Childcare and light refreshments will also be provided. If you are interested in coming to this event please RSVP through this link Orphan Care Mini-Conference. Childcare is limited so please RSVP soon!

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Discussion about this event

Brandon Frey on 01/16/2017

Looking forward to this!

Jennifer Hanrahan on 01/16/2017

I love our church and their desire to be engaged in this ministry!

Emily Welch on 01/17/2017

Looking forward to it!!!

Molly Seay on 01/19/2017

This seems great. I will be there with Theo (he will be 7 months old). Thanks for hosting!

Alli Rei on 01/22/2017

Sounds great! I’ll be bringing my 15 month old!

Susan Zebley on 01/23/2017

Excited to meet some new faces. Please note that we have an official RSVP form here:

Leila Gunning on 01/25/2017

Yes very excited to meet new people and gather together for this event! Please make sure you RSVP

Kelley Johnson (FB) on 01/27/2017

We will be bringing 16 month old! So excited!

Sarah Rees on 01/29/2017

My husband David and I as well as our 4-year-old and 2-year-old will be coming if there is still childcare available.

Leila Gunning on 01/29/2017

Hey Sarah – just make sure you RSVP through the link! I think we are still good on childcare!!! 

Cara Pick on 01/29/2017

We so wish we could be there but we’ll be out of town. Will any parts of the conference be recorded by any chance?

Stephanie Regrut on 01/31/2017

Cara – we will miss you! We don’t have plans to record, but will be putting together packets for everyone there with notes from each breakout session, as well as a list of agency recourses and resources from within RH. I can save one out for you!

Stephanie Regrut on 01/31/2017

If anyone else can’t be there and wants a packet, let me know!

Cara Pick on 01/31/2017

That would be great! Thanks Steph!

Casey Eggleston on 02/01/2017

I can’t be there either, but I’d love a packet!

Adam Hardell on 02/03/2017

Below is a link to an article posted on DesiringGod about foster care.  I think it’s fitting that it was posted a day before this conference.  Looking forward to tomorrow morning.

Jennifer Hanrahan on 02/03/2017

I just read it…you are correct, good timing, good preread for tomorrow!

Stephanie Regrut on 02/04/2017

Such a visible demonstration for God’s deep love for the orphan… we saw over 100 people today!

If you weren’t able to get a folder, attached are many of the documents that were included in each folder.  If you would still like a complete folder, please give me your name, and I will do my best to get you all the resources we had in a folder soon!

Attached are:

1. A list of families in RH who are involved in foster / adoption in some capacity, and their agencies.

2. A list of current needs of RH families that have adopted / fostered.  

3. Definitions of terms pertaining to foster / adoption.

4. Notes from each of the following breakout sessions:

- Adoption

- Foster

- Supporting “Wrapping Your Arms Around” Adoptive Families

Thanks everyone!

February 04
9:00 am – 11:45 am
400 West 32nd Street
Richmond VA 23225
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64 people
are coming
Lisa Dukes (1)

Becky Wilson (1)

Tori Van Brunt (2)

Martha Robinson (1)

Patrick Morris (1)

Sally Caballero (6)

Anya Campbell (4)

Donna Rees (2)

Becky Rees (1)

Adam Hardell (1)

Katie Williams (2)

Sarah Rees (4)

Cary Sorah (2)

Rebekah Brown (4)

Angela Leary (1)

Gwen Martin (2)

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Cassie Cole (2)

Katie Roy (1)

Holly Legg (2)

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Molly Seay (2)

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